Ducting hoses


Ducting Hose

FlexStat CR, Clean Room Static Dissapative Hose

PVC Ducting hose

PVC Light Duty Ducting hose

Urethane Ducting

Hanna Rubber Company is a  Distributor of Ducting Hose for Air, Fume, Light Weight Materials, Heavy Duty for severe service, High Abrasion, chemical, duct, dust, exhaust & flexible ducting hoses, A/C ventilation hoses, medium & high temperature hoses, exhaust fume & chemical fume.

Industry Applications – carpet cleaning,chemical plants, dust collection, mining,lawn &leaf collection.

Hoses. Standard lgnths of 25′ to 50’ft  Available with operating temperatures from -200 degrees F to 1500 degrees F. Brand names including  Flexaust, Hi-tech Duravent, Master Duct.

All you need to select the right Duct Hose is STAMP

S – Size of Duct Hose

– Temperature of media in service

– Application  of the duct hose.  How is the hose being used

M – Media  Determine what media is going through the hose

P – Pressure  Positive, psi , Negative, inches

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