Compression Packing

Compression Packing is a soft, pliable and resilient material that is designed for inserting into an annular space or stuffing box to seal a rotary or reciprocating device such as pumps or valves. Compression packing also commonly known as braided packing or mechanical packing.

Highly graphited yarn gives excellent performance in extreme pressure/temperature situations. With superb resistance to chemicals and good thermal conductivity,
Hanna Rubber’s Packing retains all of the volume and doesn’t harden in use, making replacement a lot easier.

Hanna Rubber is your first choice for braided packing. We stock square braided non-asbestos packing, including graphite impregnated packing and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) packing. PTFE resists chemical attack and prevents leakage thru the braid. This product is well suited for valves and pumps in the chemical and food processing industries.

Available Compression Packing

Hanna Rubber Aramid Compression Packings are extremely durable, able to withstand abrasive applications. Service applications include superheated steam, slurries, petroleum derivatives, solvents and liquefied gases. Depending on the specific style Hanna Rubber Aramid Packings are used in centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating pumps, agitators and mixers, especially in the paper, steel, petroleum, chemical industries, and in sewage treatment plants.

Hanna Rubber Carbon Compression Packings are manufactured from premium grade, low friction, high strength, proprietary graphite fiber to protect shafts from scoring. It also acts as a blocking agent to prevent wicking. Hanna Rubber Carbon Packings are ideally suited for use in severe service valves and rotary shaft applications handling strong acids and alkali solutions except fuming nitric acid, oleum and fluorine. They are used to seal steam, water, oil, solvents, alkalis, and acids and are often used as end rings for packing sets utilizing softer packings that might tend to extrude. This product group also handles high temperatures, extremely high shaft speeds, most strong chemicals, and reduces shaft wear.

These carefully selected high quality long-fiber yarns are braided, then thoroughly impregnated with the required lubricating agents. They are designed for optimum service in waste and dilute aqueous solutions up to +250°F (+121°C) at low to medium pressures. Industries such as mining, milling, steel, waste/water treatment, marine and pulp and paper regularly specify these packings for their operations.

Graphite compression packing is made of extremely pure graphite these packing products offer unmatched service in industrial environments where searing temperatures and crushing pressures cause constant failure of conventional packings.

Hanna Rubber PTFE Compression Packings offer excellent chemical resistance, wide temperature range, flexibility and durability, combined with superior construction producing adaptable, effective packings. PTFE Compression Packings are high in quality and consistently uniform, they are used extensively in the food processing, chemical, agricultural and petroleum processing industries.

joint sealant

Hanna Rubber’s expanded PTFE Joint Sealant, form-in-place gasket is the most cost-effective alternative to sheet gasketing for large equipment flanges. Joint Sealant can be used in practically every type of sealing application, and it is ideal for sealing complex surfaces and rough or pitted flanges and minimizes leak potential.

Packing Hooks

Hanna Rubber Company’s Packing Hooks are the perfect labor saving tools for removing packings from stuffing boxes. Our flexible design allows access in hard to get at areas and the cork screw bits are made from tempered tool steel. They are available in six convenient sizes to meet all requirements.

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