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Compression Packing

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Compression Packing is a soft, pliable and resilient material that is designed for inserting into an annular space or stuffing box to seal a rotary or reciprocating device such as pumps or valves. Compression packing also commonly known as braided packing or mechanical packing.

Highly graphited yarn gives excellent performance in extreme pressure/temperature situations. With superb resistance to chemicals and good thermal conductivity,
Hanna Rubber’s Packing retains all of the volume and doesn’t harden in use, making replacement a lot easier.

Hanna Rubber is your first choice for braided packing. We stock square braided non-asbestos packing, including graphite impregnated packing and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) packing. PTFE resists chemical attack and prevents leakage thru the braid. This product is well suited for valves and pumps in the chemical and food processing industries.