Construction and Building Products

Hanna Rubber manufactures and distributes a broad range of products for use in the construction market. Some of these products include Bearing Pads, Isolation Pads, Vibration Pads, Closure Plugs, Rubber Gate Seals and Bridge Troughs.

Our products are manufactured to meet Federal Bureau of Public Roads, AASHTO and American Association State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Available Construction and Building Products

Bearing pads are used to distribute concentrated loads and reactions over the bearing area and to allow limited horizontal and rotational movements to provide stress relief. Their use has proven beneficial and often may be necessary for satisfactory performance of precast concrete structures. Bearing pads provide stress relief due to a combination of slippage and pad deformation.

Fablon bearing pads comparable to fabreeka


Fablon is a high capacity preformed cushioning pad fabricated using multiple layers of high quality cotton polyester duck fabric, completely impregnated with a high-grade nitrile compound.

Fablon Bushings and Washers

High grade synthetic rubber impregnated duck tube bushings and washers designed to reduce the impact of shock or vibration from metal to metal contact.

Fablon Washers are .25″ thick with max. loading of 1000 psi

masticated rubber, Mastco

Masticated Rubber

Hanna Rubber Company produces Masticated (recycled) Rubber Load Bearing Pads, which are used in many construction applications such as precast and prestressed concrete bridges, building and structural steel bearing applications, as well as machinery, equipment foundation, railway tie pads, and shock and vibration isolation. Hanna Rubber’s Masticated Load Bearing Pads are made using a controlled blend of recycled rubbers that are fully cured with synthetic fibers that creates internal stiffening. With the synthetic fibers added to the Masticated Load Bearing Pads they are able convey improved tensile and compressive strength, stiffness, tear resistance, durability, and superior ozone and weather resistance.

AASHTO Bearing Pads

Hanna Rubber Company produces AASHTO Bearing Pads made of 100% virgin chloroprene Neoprene or Natural Rubber and are available in 3 different styles. Hanna Rubber’s Neoprene Bearing Pads provides a well-balanced displacement of load from beam to substructure. They are constructed to absorb vibration, which helps increase the life span of the pads by reduction the damaging actions of vibration between the adaptable and stagnant structural components all while allowing for movement caused by normal expansion and compression

PTFE Slide Bearing Pads

Hanna Rubber Company produces PTFE Slide Bearing Pads, composed of high quality PTFE sheeting that can be secured to a variety of different materials such as: steel plates, neoprene pads, or preformed fabric pads. Hanna Rubber’s PTFE Slide Bearing Pads are optimal for commercial structures involving long spans sustained without columns or posts. Our PTFE Slide Bearing Pads have a high load capacity with low contributing friction.


Hanna Rubber Company’s bridge troughs are composed of elastomeric material that is fabric reinforced. They can be used in an assortment of bridge projects for both local and state, and can be manufactured to any state specification. Our bridge troughs are custom made to any length, width, thickness, and configuration.

Standard Material Specifications
Elastomer Properties:
Durometer 50±5
Tensile strength, min. 1500 PSI
Elongation, min. 200%
Heat Resistance: 168hrs at 158°F
Duro change, max.±10
Tensile strength change, max. -25%
Elongation change, max. -25%
Compression set, max.: 22hrs at 158°F 25%
Tear strength, min.±180lbs/in.
Low temp. brittleness: Method D2137 No Cracks
Ozone resistance: Method D1149 No Cracks
Composite Material Properties:
Weight, min. 105oz./sqyd.
Tensile strength, min. 700 x 700 lbs/in.
Elongation, min. 30%

Hanna Rubber Company offers a variety of rubber gate seals for all of your water and power generation needs. Our rubber gate seals are ideal for Lock and Dam, Water Works, Irrigation, Fish Mitigation, and Flood Protection projects. We offer our rubber gate seals in a variety of seal molding and extrusion capabilities in either natural or neoprene rubber.

Block and Tail

Bulb and Tail

Center Dome

Flat and Bullnose


Hanna Rubber Company manufactures and distributes a variety of Vibration Control and Anti Vibration Products including Vibration Pads, Vibration Suppression Pads, Vibration Isolation Pads and Vibration Absorber Pads.

Cork & Rubber Vibration Pads

Cork & Rubber Vibration Pads

Our 3/4″(19mm) Super K pad has all the physical characteristics of the 1″(25mm) pad. However, the design is a major improvement, as it is the first pad in a 2″(50mm) modular design. The 1/4″(6mm) rubber layers compliment the 1/4″(6mm)cork center. Because the 2″x2″(50x50mm) modules are connected by a thin rubber web, it is the first pad that can be cut readily with a box cutter. The 18″x18″(450x450mm) modular pad can be cut to any combination of 2″(50mm)dimension sizes right on the job site, so there is no need to stock pre-cut pads.

Fablon bearing pads comparable to fabreeka

Fablon Mil-C-882

Fablon is a high capacity preformed cushioning pad fabricated using multiple layers of high quality cotton polyester duck fabric, completely impregnated with a high-grade nitrile compound.

Our Reinforced Rubber Pad (Fablon) meets Military spec Mil-C-882 and is frequently used for mounting machinery and equipment.

Solid rubber vibration pads

Solid Rubber Vibration Pads

Our Solid Rubber Pad has grooves running the opposite direction on each side is excellent for simple and inexpensive applications for shock and vibration reduction.

Nitrile FadPad

Nitrile FabPads are Nitrile Pads with a waffle shape designed to reduce vibration and provide friction in locations where there is constant or intermittent exposure to oil, grease, or gasoline. These may be stacked in multiple layers seperated by 16 gauge steel plates for greater efficiency.

Comparable to Fabreeka Fabcel.

Thermal Break Material

Thermal Break Material is ideal to prevent thermal bridging in structural links, it is used between flanged connections of internal and external steelwork and concrete to prevent thermal/ cold bridging.

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