Bridge Troughs

Hanna Rubber Company’s bridge troughs are composed of elastomeric material that is fabric reinforced. They can be used in an assortment of bridge projects for both local and state, and can be manufactured to any state specification. Our bridge troughs are custom made to any length, width, thickness, and configuration.

Standard Material Specifications
Elastomer Properties:
Durometer 50±5
Tensile strength, min. 1500 PSI
Elongation, min. 200%
Heat Resistance: 168hrs at 158°F
Duro change, max.±10
Tensile strength change, max. -25%
Elongation change, max. -25%
Compression set, max.: 22hrs at 158°F 25%
Tear strength, min.±180lbs/in.
Low temp. brittleness: Method D2137 No Cracks
Ozone resistance: Method D1149 No Cracks
Composite Material Properties:
Weight, min. 105oz./sqyd.
Tensile strength, min. 700 x 700 lbs/in.
Elongation, min. 30%

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