Nitrile FabPad

Nitrile FabPads are Nitrile Pads with a waffle shape designed to reduce vibration and provide friction in locations where there is constant or intermittent exposure to oil, grease, or gasoline.  These may be stacked in multiple layers seperated by 16 gauge steel plates for greater efficiency.

Comparable to Fabreeka Fabcel.

08-NFP-50-6X6.3125" X 6" X 6"50 PSI50BLACK$29.40
08-NFP-50-18X18.3125" X 18" X 18"50 PSI50BLACK$235.20
08-NFP-100-6X6.3125" X 6" X 6"100 PSI60BROWN$29.40
08-NFP-100-18X18.3125" X 18" X 18"100 PSI60BROWN$235.20
08-NFP-200-6X6.3125" X 6" X 6"200 PSI70BLUE$29.40
08-NFP-200-18X18.3125" X 18" X 18"200 PSI70BLUE$235.20
08-NFP-280-6X6.50" X 6" X 6"280 PSI80GREEN$60.80
08-NFP-280-18X18.50" X 18" X 18"280 PSI80GREEN$515.50

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