Latex Tubing

Made from natural latex, a thermoset material. Excellent resilience, tear, and tensile strength. Made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards. Extremely elastic with excellent memory after repeated stretching.

Contains no plasticizers which can migrate and cause flow contamination or tube hardening.

Our amber natural rubber latex tubing meets or exceeds the physical properties of Commerical Item Description A-A-52047C Type I Class 1, 2, & 3, Type III, Type IV and Type V Class 1, 2, & 3 which replaced Federal Specification ZZ-T-831D

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Latex Tubing

Item CodeID (in.)OD (in.)Wall (in.)LBS. per Ft.Price per Ft.
16-L-.25X.06 1/43/81/16 0.040.83
16-L-.25X.12 1/41/21/80.0651.56
16-L-.31X.12 5/169/161/80.091.93
16-L-.37X.06 3/81/2 1/160.051.20
16-L-.37X.09 3/89/163/320.071.62
16-L-37X.12 3/85/81/80.12.2
16-L-.5X.12 1/23/41/8 0.092.66
16-L-.5X.251/211/4 0.1255.6
Physical Properties
Hardness, Shore A ±535
Tensile Strength, psi3500
Elongation at Break, %750
Brittle Temperature-60°F
Max. Operating Temp.180°F

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