Silicone Sponge HR151

Sheeting Grade:

Fabric Finish Hanna Rubber Style HR151

Temperature Range:

-76°F to +450°F


Sponge, Silicone Rubber Closed Cell, Soft. These products meet the flammability requirements of FAR 25/JAR 25/CS 25 Appendix F, Part 1, (a)(1)(iv) and (a)(1)(v) horizontal flammability tests. WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) for use in potable water at temperatures up to 185°F.

General Characteristics:

Environmental Resistance Silicone rubber products have excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionizing radiation and weathering in general. Silicone rubber products produce very low levels of toxic fume when burnt.

Colors Available:

Red Oxide, Black, Gray & White

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Silicone Sponge HR151

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