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Parker Titanflex SW640-200 2” ID Food Hose

Parker’s Series SW640 Titanflex Food and Beverage Suction Hose provides excellent service across a wide variety of beverages, food and sanitary products in high pressure, high temperature applications. The hose is manufactured using polished stainless steel mandrels for an ultra-smooth, bacteria-free tube that will not impart taste or odor, keeping the media clean and consumers safe. Series SW640 is lighter weight, more flexible, easier to bend and significantly easier to handle than conventional food hoses. The hose is crush resistant and kink resistant for full-flow service and the distinctive grey cover provides easy identification.

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• Food & Beverage
• Transportation


• Tube: White nitrile for cleanliness and oil resistance to 225°F.
• Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies with dual wire helix for a path to conduct a static charge to ground.
• Cover: Grey nitrile for abrasion and oil resistance.


– media

• Beverages
• Food (dry, oily, non-oily)
• Milk
• Potable water
• Sanitary products

– usage

• Bulk loading/unloading
• In-plant processing/transfer
• Transport trucks

Industry Standards:

• 3-A RPSCQC Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (Certificate #33 designates Parker)


• Design Factor: 4:1


• Couplings attached with bands or clamps may reduce the working pressure of the hose assembly to less than the maximum rated working pressure of the hose. Refer to NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines

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