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4219G FUEL INJ. LINE & TANK VENT HOSE.  1/4″ ID.  GATES 4219-3681

Gates has built its reputation on dependable, long-lasting, and innovative products. When you need a standard fuel hose to connect your tank to your engine, trust Gates to get the job done right. Our standard fuel and oil hoses are also compatible for low-pressure hydraulic oil, engine oil, tank vents, crankcase vents, and coolant bottles. Specially designed for fuel circuits (leaded and unleaded petrol, diesel) in passenger cars and industrial vehicles. It can also be used in evaporative emission control systems and as a vent line.

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  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F). Up to B5 biodiesel +80°C (+176°F) continuous or +100°C (+212°F) intermittent. Up to B20 biodiesel +51°C (+124°F) maximum.
  • Standards: Exceeds the requirements of SAE 30R6 and SAE 30R7 specifications for fuel line hoses.
  • Not for in-tank, gaseous fuels, or biodiesel above 20% (B20) at +51°C (+124°F).

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