Cork and Rubber Vibration Pads

It is more than 75 years since someone decided noise and vibration could be reduced more efficiently by a rubber layer on either side of a cork center. The idea caught on and these pads continue to be popular.

The original pads had ribbed surfaces. Since the cork was loaded by the ribs only, we improved the design by changing to a waffled surface with more load bearing area. The waffle is better at preventing slippage and the self-sealing perimeter keeps oil and fluids from contaminating the rubber.

Other manufacturers offer a 1″(25mm) pad with a continuous pattern top and bottom. The only practical way to cut them is by using a table saw with a carbide tipped blade. That is a terrible nuisance. Our 3/4″(19mm) Super K pad has all the physical characteristics of the 1″(25mm) pad.

However, the design is a major improvement, as it is the first pad in a 2″(50mm) modular design. The 1/4″(6mm) rubber layers compliment the 1/4″(6mm) cork center. Because the 2″x2″(50x50mm) modules are connected by a thin rubber web, it is the first pad that can be cut readily with a box cutter. The 18″x18″(450x450mm) modular pad can be cut to any combination of 2″(50mm) dimension sizes right on the job site, so there is no need to stock pre-cut pads. These pads are available for purchase online.

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Cork and Rubber Vibration Pads

Part NumberDimensionsWeightPurchase
08-VIB-PAD18" x 18" x 3/4" thick7.0

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