Extreme High-Temperature Grade Silicone Sheeting


Our High-Temperature Grade silicone sheeting is designed for applications needing higher temperature resistance than standard/general purpose silicone and is using the latest in Heat Stabilizer Technology. It is easily die-cut and provides a superior gasket and sealing solution. Thicknesses from .010” to .500” thick. Widths up to 60” wide. Further, the material is available with various color and catalyst options.

Key Characteristics

● Extreme High & Low-Temperature Resistant -85oF to +600oF (Intermittent)
● Excellent for Seals & Gaskets
● Fabricated with high-quality and certified raw materials
● UV / Ozone Resistant & Excellent Electrical Insulator
● Cured Silicone Sheet is Non-Toxic & Chemically Inert
● >750PSI TENSILE, >90% ELONGATION, AND >70 TEAR (after 168 hrs at 300C)

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Extreme High-Temperature Grade Silicone Sheeting

PropertiesTest MethodESS60HTESS55HT
Specific Gravity, g/ccASTM D2971.271.25
Durometer, Shore “A”ASTM D224060+/-555+/-5
Tensile Strength, psiASTM D41212001050
Elongation, %ASTM D412450450
Tear, ppi Die “B”ASTM D624140130

These typical physical properties are provided for evaluation information only. It is up to the end-user to determine the appropriate material for the intended application.

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