NA1525 25% Glass Filled PTFE

Product Description / Application

Style NA1525 is a high molecular weight polymer and one of the most versatile plastics known to man. This PTFE sheet is filled with 25% glass fibers by weight. The filled material significantly reduces cold flow and creep and increases wear resistance compared to unfilled PTFE sheet. It can handle a very broad range of chemicals with the exception of molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. This style is suitable for service at temperatures from the cryogenic range up to 500°F.

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NA1525 25% Glass Filled PTFE

Service Limits

Temperature Limits
Available Sheet Sizes
Thickness1/64", 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
Sheet Sizes48" x 48"
48" wide continuous roll

Typical Physical Properties

ASTM Test MethodPropertyValue
D638-61TTensile Strength at 73°F2000-3000
D638-61THardness DurometerD55.5
73°F, 1500 psi, 24 hr.1.73%
100°F, 1500 psi, 24 hr.1.91%
200°F, 1500 psi, 24 hr.4.57%
D256-56Impact Strength, Izod
73°F Average2.54
170°F Average3.69
D570-59aTWater Absorption.013%
-Static Coefficient of Friction at 73°F.085%
D150-59TDielectric constant (1000 cps)2.4
D257-61Dielectric Strength in Air235 volts/mil.
D696-44Coefficient of Thermal Expansion at 73°F2.75 x id. 5 in/in/°F
D177-45Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity3.12
D792-60TSpecific Gravity-

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