Rubatex R-27704 (V-4004)

R-27704 is a high quality fast drying, quick setting, brushable neoprene contact adhesive that has been designed to produce a strong permanent bond when used with a variety of porous and nonporous substrates.

Typical Properties

Color: Natural
Base: Neoprene Rubber
Solvent: Aromatic/Ketone/aliphatic blend
Viscosity: 350cps +/- 50
Solids: 20% +/- 2%
Wt./gallon: 6.8
Shelf Life: 6 months in original sealed container and stored at normal room temperature.

R-27704 is a high heat resistant product that gives excellent adhesion to rubber, foam, metal, wood, particle board, decorative laminates polystyrene bead board and many other substrates.

The product is used as a contact adhesive. After application to both substrates, the adhesive is dried until tacky to the touch but does not transfer to the finger. The substrates are then matched and sufficient pressure is applied to make a satisfactory bond.

R-27704 is flammable and as such bears a red caution label. Available in Quarts, Gallon, and a 5 Gallon pail.

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