Aeration Tubing

A special weighted flexible PVC tubing that is ideal for trouble free delivery of air to pond aeration systems


Special Black weighted PVC compound ensures durability, reliability, and sink-ability while in use.

Service Temperature Range:

25˚F (-4˚C) to +150˚F (+65˚C)


● Remains flexible for use in a wide range of temperatures.
● Greatly reduces installation time, requires no maintenance following instructions.
● Naturally sinks without the use of additional weights or anchors.
● Available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8, 3/4 and 1” ID sizes to fit most aeration systems.
● Packaged in coils or reels depending on application lengths required.


● Pond and lake aeration.
● Water recirculation.
● Ice clearing.
● Wastewater lagoons.
● Commercial hatcheries.

IDODRoll LengthApprox. WeightPart #
.375".690"300 ft.60 lbs.16-AER-.375
.5".960"200 ft.80 lbs.16-AER-.5
.625"1.065"100 ft.44 lbs.16-AER-.625
.75"1.275"100 ft.63 lbs.16-AER-.75
1"1.690"100 ft.111 lbs.16-AER-1

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