Sponge Rubber Closed Cell MLC-Black

Closed Cell PVC/NBR Foam in Continuous Rolls/Sheets Form

Black, continuous (sheets/rolls), closed cell, 3.5 – 5.5 lb/ft3 (56 – 88 kg/m3) density, PVC/NBR rubber product MLC-Black, that meets the requirements of ASTM D 1056 2A1/2C1. MLC-Black meets the horizontal burn/ flame requirements of FMVSS 302 at 0.250” (1/4”) (6.35 mm) & higher. MLC-Black is UL listed to UL94 HBF at 6.6 mm (0.260”) & higher and UL94 HF-1 at 2.9 – 6.6 mm (0.114” – 0.260”) (UL File#: QMFZ2.E55798). MLCBlack is listed with UL to UL50E [periodic & continuous compression] (UL File# JMST2.MH10189). MLC-Black is listed on the following approved source lists: FCA (Chrysler) MSAY 516 Type 1, Caterpillar 1E0707E & GMW 17408 Class IIIA Type IV.

  • ASTM D 1056 2A1 /2C1
  • Manufactured in continuous rolls/sheets
  • UL Listed: UL94 HF-1 & HBF
  • UL Listed: UL50E (gaskets and seals)
  • Listed on the approved source list for FCA (Chrysler) MSAY 516 Type 1, Caterpillar 1E0707E & GMW 17408 Class IIIA Type IV

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Sponge Rubber Closed Cell MLC-Black

Physical PropertiesTest MethodUnitValue
ASTM D 1056 Designation 2A1/2C1
Cell StructureClosed
Compression Deflection 25%ASTM D 1056psi2-3.5
Compression Deflection 25%, after Heat Aging ASTM D 1056%±30
Compression Set (Room temp)ASTM D 1056%40 max
DensityASTM D 1056lb/ft33.5-5.5
ElongationASTM D 412 (Die A)%150 min
FlammabilityFMVSS 302in0.25 and higher
mm6.35 and higher
Fluid ImmersionASTM D 1056%250 max
Hardness, Durometer Shore 00ASTM D 224020-40
Service Temperature
LowASTM D 1056°F-40
High Intermittent°F200
Tear StrengthASTM D 624 (Die C)lb/in8 min
kN/m1.4 min
Tensile StrengthASTM D 412 (Die A)psi40 min
kPa276 min
Water AbsorptionASTM D 1056%5 max

UL Listed to: UL94 !Flame ) HBF IUL file# QMFZ2.E55798l at 6.6 mm minimum thickness
UL Listed to: UL94 !Flame ) HF-1 !UL file# QMFZ2.E55798 ) at 2.9- 6.6 mm only

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