Sponge Rubber Closed Cell 6903

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 6903 Closed Cell Sponge

Physical PropertiesTest MethodResults
ASTM D-1056

ASTM D-6576-07 ClassificationN/A
SAEJ18 APR2002
Density (lbs/ft³)
ASTM D 105610± 2
Hardness, Durometer Shore 00ASTM D 224075± 4
Compression Deflection (25%)ASTM D 105616± 3
Compression Set (%)ASTM D 1056≤ 25%
Tensile StrengthASTM D 412 (DIE A)200 psi
Tear Strength (lb/in)
ASTM D 624 (DIE C)24
Elongation (%)ASTM D 412 (DIE A)150
Resilience (%)
ASTM D 23625
Service Temperature
LowASTM D 746-20°F
High ContinuousASTM D 746160°F
High IntermittentASTM D 746220°F
Water Absorption (%)ASTM D 1056< 5%
Fluid Immersion (7 Days ar 73.4°F)
ASTM Ref, Fuel B, Weight Change %ASTM D 1056< 50%
Accelerated Aging (7 Days at 158°F)
FlexibilityASTM D 1056Pass
Appearance ChangeASTM D 1056None
Change in Compression DeflectionASTM D 1056± 30%

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