Sponge Rubber Open Cell 3150


Specification Sheet

Sponge Rubber Open Cell 3150

PropertyTest MethodValue
Density (Average), lb/ft³ASTM D105636
Thickness, inches (Tolerance)ASTM D1056To 0.187 (±0.015)
0.188 - 0.374 (±0.030)
0.375 - 0.500 (±0.040)
Over 0.500 (±0.060)
Standard ColorBlack
PolymerNatural Rubber
Compression Force Deflection, psi ASTM D1056
at 25% compression
Compression Set, % max.ASTM D395
50% deflection at 158°F
Accelerated Aging, %ATSM D573
Change in compression deflection 168hr at 158°F
Temperature-20°F to 160°F
Meets Specifications For:

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