K-Flex Insul-Sheet

K-FLEX® INSUL-SHEET® is an NBR/PVC based closed cell, flexible elastomeric foam insulation. It is environmentally friendly as it is free of CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs,
formaldehyde and fibers. An EPA-registered antimicrobial agent is incorporated into the product providing additional protection against mold, fungal and bacterial growth. It is UL GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for low VOC emissions.

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K-Flex Insul-Sheet

 Physical PropertiesK-Flex Insul-Sheet Test Methods
Main CompositionFlame-retarded NBR/PVC-based elastomeric foam
Thermal Conductivity (K)
Btu-in/hr-Ft2-°F (W/mK)
90°F (32°C) Mean Temp = 0.258 (0.0372)
75°F (24°C) Mean Temp = 0.245 (0.0353)
32°F (0°C) Mean Temp = 0.235 (0.0339)
Density3-6 lb/ft3ASTM D1667
Operating Temperature Range-40°F (-40°C) to +200°F (93°C)ASTM C534
Water Vapor Permeability (Dry Cup)<0.01 perm-inASTM E96
Water Absorption (Volume Change)0%ASTM C209
Flame Spread / Smoke Development
(up to 2” wall)
<25/50ASTM E84
FlammabilitySelf-ExtinguishingASTM D635
Dimensional Stability<7% Linear ShrinkageASTM C534
Hot Surface Performance (250°F for 96 hours)No Cracking or DelaminationASTM C411
Ozone ResistancePassASTM D1171
Odor EmissionsNo Objectionable OdorASTM C1304
Chemical/Solvent/Oil/Grease ResistanceGoodCompatibility Data Available on Request
Pass: Cold Crack Test at -40°F (-40°C)
ASTM D1056
Mildew Growth Resistance/Air ErosionPassUL 181, ASTM G21
Corrosion RiskpH neutral: 6.6±0.04DIN 1988
Leachable Chlorides<0.05% water-soluble chloride ionsDIN 1988
UV / Weather Resistance1GoodASTM G90
Sound Transmission Class (1”)13ASTM E90

*For applications below -40°F (-40°C), contact K-FLEX technical support.
1 Outdoor applications should be protected with an approved K-FLEX® coating or cladding for optimum performance.


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