OnGuard Hose Management

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logo_onguardHow much can an unsafe hose cost you?

Costs associated with fire, explosions, shock, mechanical failure and injury from catastrophic failure of hose systems can be astronomical. In addition, the proper coupling of both high and low pressure components is an important safety measure.

Research has identified indirect costs of injury,  management time, HR time, litigation and reduced productivity can be four times that of direct costs. The growing importance of safety, downtime, and reduction of maintenance costs now requires more disciplined hose management services.

OnGuard Hose Management program focuses on critical hoses powering critical equipment.

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Maintenance Programs to Improve Hose Safety

Reduce the risk of hose failures through routine hose inspections, testing and certification programs. Our OnGuard hose management services include testing, tagging and traceability of your hoses from cradle to grave. These proactive programs are managed by our hose experts and keep you running efficiently and safely.

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Dedicated OnGuard Database

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  • Create an online history of all critical hose assemblies and other assets
  • Each assembly tested, track and tracked with unique ID numbers. Available with RFID tagging. Also mobile apps!
  • Sales, test bench and crimp equipment integration
  • Traceability has never been easier

Personal On-Site Management

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On-Site and In-House, OnGuard Hose Management services are tailored to customer needs. We create person to person relationships and programs tailored to address the needs of a customer to lower procurement costs, maximize productivity, create a safer work environment and/or manufacture a safer product.

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  • Visual hose inspection
  • Regularly scheduled testing and/or replacement
  • Written protocol and scheduled service appointments
  • Custom onsite stocking programs for continuous service
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OnGuard 24/7 Track

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In a situation where a hose fails, you want to replace it as quickly and safely as possible. Using the database available from Singer Equities family of companies, you will be able to track performance trends of particular hoses used on your equipment and determine their life-span. Customers utilizing asset tracking services are able to safely maximize their hose life expectancy.

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