Electric Actuators

While the valves operate the same way using an electric actuator to operate the valve, Hanna Rubber Company offers 3 different types of electric actuators: 2-piece ball valves, 3-piece ball valves, and 3-way “˜T/L’ port valves.

2-piece ball valve is for an economical (standard) and easy installation use. The 2-piece ball valve offers a slight reduced bore and can be either thrown away of repairable. Offered in stainless or brass.

3-piece ball valves are designed for in-line maintenance. This design allows for easy removal from the pipe which allows you to clean out deposited sediment, repair, and buff the scratches on the ball all without removing the pipes from the body valve. While the 3-piece valve is more expensive it was designed to be repairable which may be more cost effective in the end. Only offered in stainless.

3-way ‘T/L’ port valves have an L or T shaped hole through the middle. With a T port valve you are able to connect from any paired port or all three together, but if the valve is turned to a 45 degree angle you might disconnect all three which leaves no margin for error. With a L port valve you can only connect the center with either side port, or disconnect all three, but you are not able to connect the side ports together. Offered in stainless or brass.

2-Piece Ball Valves

  • Stainless
  • Brass

3-Piece Ball Valves

  • Stainless

3-Way ‘T/L’ Port Valves

  • Stainless
  • Brass

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