Metal Hose

Hanna Rubber offers corrugated and stripwound metal hose assemblies as a durable solution to high temperature or aggressive chemical needs.  Metal hoses can handle extreme temperatures up to 1800°F.  They are very durable and resistant to abrasion, crushing, bursting, cracking and are able to retain their shape under vacuum.

When ordering metal hose assemblies it’s important to select both the correct end/ fitting but also the necessary alloy.  Most fittings can be attached to metal hose:

  • Cam and Groove
  • Elbow
  • FJX
  • Flange
  • Ground Joints
  • Pipe Thread
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Sanitary
  • Swivel
  • Tee

corrugated metal hose

Corrugated Metal Hose

Styles:  single braided, double braided or unbraided

Materials: Stainless Steel (316L, 304 or 31L)

stripwound metal hose

Stripwound Metal Hose

Styles:  Interlocked or Square Locked

Materials:  Stainless or Galvanized Steel

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