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Hanna Rubber Company offers a broad range of high performance marine hose products for both the recreation and commercial boating industry. Contact one of knowledgeable sales representatives to discuss your individual requirements.

“¢ Open end water and coolant suction and discharge applications on marine and stationary engines.

“¢ Heavy-duty fabric reinforced hose with and without steel wire reinforcement to meet marine water and wet exhaust hose requirements. Hardwall and Softwall wet exhaust hose may be used for engine water circulation, discharge lines, heat exchangers and wet exhaust connections.

“¢ Corrugated wet exhaust hose for general purpose applications and suitable for coolant lines where tight bends are required.

“¢ Fuel line hose for commercial and recreational vessel fuel line, vent lines and emission control systems applications. Suitable for marine diesel, gasoline, gasohol fuels, hot oil, methanol and ethers up to 10%.

“¢ Fuel Fill hose designed to transfer fuel from filler neck to the fuel tank. Corrugated Fuel Fill hose suitable for fill applications where flexible hose is required.

“¢ Vacuum Tubing for windshield washers and vacuum-operated accessories.