Recommended for:

Heavy duty food grade static dissipative Polyurethane material handling hose.

Temperature range:

-40 to 150 F


Hose tube complies with FDA(05) requirements.  Grounding wire embedded in external helix to prevent material contamination


Rigid helix design protects hose tube from wear; allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces.  Easy to handle.


Single – Ply Polyurethane Tube – Provides for longer hose life and lower operating costs versus rubber or PVC hoses.

ItemIDODWorking Pressure
at 68° F
Max. Bend
Temp. RangeWeight/ Ft.
Volt1501.50"1.87"40 PSI2"-40 to 150 ºF0.31 LBS/FT
Volt2002.00"2.52"40 PSI6"-40 to 150 ºF0.61 LBS/FT
Volt2502.50"2.96"40 PSI7"-40 to 150 ºF0.76LBS/FT
Volt3003.00"3.60"40 PSI9"-40 to 150 ºF0.91 LBS/FT
Volt4004.00"4.69"35 PSI12"-40 to 150 ºF1.70 LBS/FT
Volt5005.00"5.75"35 PSI14"-40 to 150 ºF2.13 LBS/FT
Volt6006.00"6.81"30 PSI16"-40 to 150 ºF2.53 LBS/FT
Volt8008.00"8.76"30 PSI18"-40 to 150 ºF3.30 LBS/FT

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