Non asbestos, red rubber, neoprene, viton, garlock, full face gaskets

Full Face Gaskets

Garlock Gylon 3504 full face gasket

Neoprene (cr) full face gasket

Non Asbestos full face gasket

Red Rubber full face gasket

Viton full face gasket

Full face gaskets are used with flat face flanges, see image below. A full face gasket covers the entire surface area of the flange face including bolt holes. Hanna Rubber produces full face gaskets gaskets using non-asbestos, red rubber (Garlock® style 22), Garlock®, Gylon®, Viton, Neoprene, ECH (epichlorohydrin), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), NBR (nitrile, buna-n) and several other materials.