Victor Reinz AFM 34

ASTM F104 F711110-A9B2E12K7M6


AFM 34 is an asbestos- free gasket material. It contains aramide fibers, inorganic fillers and other high- temperature resistant substances which are bonded with high strength and especially gas- tight under increased pressure and increased temperature.


AFM 34 does not contain any physiologically harmful substances or colour pigments.

AFM 34 exhibits high tensile strength plus stress and shearing resistance. The material is ideally suited for sealing gases and fluids, e.g. oils, solvents, fuels, Freons, liquid gases, water/ antifreeze mixtures, saline solutions and many other media. It is also suitable for sealing hot water and steam up to approx. 200 °C in stationary applications and with an installation surface
pressure of at least 50 N/ mm². Please consult us if you have a specific application.

Other characteristic properties of the material are excellent temperature resistance, stress resistance under high operating pressure, and ease of handling.


  • for DIN and ANSI flanged joints, apparatus, pumps, fittings and pipelines in industrial plants
  • for fittings with very narrow sealing surfaces, e.g. in gas and hot water units, solar panels, convection radiators and couplings, etc.
  • for sealed joints in IC engines subject to high mechanical and thermal stress (oil filters, intake manifolds, water, fuel & vacuum pumps, etc.)
  • for transmissions, gearboxes, refrigerating & air compressors, etc.

Since AFM 34 is physiologically safe, it is also suitable for use in contact with drinking water & foodstuffs, and for sealing highly pure, pollutantsensitive products such as paint bases, vitamins, etc.


As standard, both sides of AFM 34 are coated with a non- stick, high-friction layer that greatly facilitates disassembly. In most cases, additional surface treatment is unnecessary.

However, a graphite coating on one or both sides of the gasket is recommended when used with components that rotate on the gasket during assembly, e.g. in threaded couplings, radiator plugs, etc., as a low friction value is required in these cases.

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Victor Reinz AFM 34

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