ASTM F104 F712122A9B4E12M4

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Certified Gasket Material for Potable (Drinking) Water Systems

Style NA750 is a gasket material blended of aramid fiber and nitrile (NBR) elastomer. This special formulation exhibits effective sealing characteristics in a wide variety of applications in the following industries: water and waste water, oil and gas, and pulp and paper. Available in sheet or cut gasket form.

Style NA750 is a certified gasket material for Potable (Drinking) water systems by the National Sanitation Foundation International to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Joining and Sealing Materials covers indirect additives products and materials, including process media, protective materials, joining and sealing materials, pipes and related products, mechanical devices, and mechanical plumbing devices (including faucets).

In essence, every material from the well or water intakes through to the faucet are covered. NSF/ANSI  Standard 61 also addresses crucial aspects of drinking water system components: whether contaminants that leach or migrate from the product/material into the drinking water are above acceptable levels in finished waters.

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