High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material

The Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber paper product line is a unique family of products which is manufactured by forming alumino­silicate fibers in a nonwoven matrix. The ceramic fibers are ran­domly orientated during manufacture, then held in place with a latex binder system. A specialized paper-making process is statistically controlled to form uniform, lightweight, flexible sheets.

Unifrax Corporation has been producing Fiberfrax papers for over 25 years and is the largest ceramic fiber producer worldWide with in-house paper-making capabilities.

By blending different fibers, binders, and additives while varying the manufacturing process, Unifrax Corporation now produces a variety of Fiberfrax paper products for a wide range of applications.

Fiberfrax papers exhibit excellent chemical stability, resisting attack from most corrosive agents. Exceptions are hydrofluoric, phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalies. If Fiberfrax papers are wet by water or steam, all thermal and physical properties are completely restored upon drying. No water of hydration is present in most Fiberfrax paper grades. Fiberfrax papers have good dielectric strengths.

Fiberfrax papers, with the exception of the inorganic series, will generate small amounts of smoke and trace element out­gassing during the initial exposure to temperatures above 450°F.

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High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Gasket Material

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