Garlock Gylon Style 3565 Envelon

Style 3565 Envelon®

PTFE Gasketing with aluminosilicate microsphere filler.


Tighter seal

  • Soft, deformable exterior conforms to surface irregularities; ideal for worn, warped or pitted flanges
  • Stable blue core improves cold flow resistance
  • Low bolt load requirements ensure a tight seal on glass-lined or wavy flanges*
  • Direct sintering of GYLON® layers prevents leak paths and adhesive contamination

Easy to install

  • Unitized construction avoids jacket foldover
  • Rigid core facilitates installation of large gaskets

Minimizes inventory

  • Custom-cut gaskets from large sheets offer convenience while reducing costly inventory buildup
  • Ideal replacement for slit, milled, formed shield and double jacketed envelope gaskets*


  • Moderate concentrations of acids and caustics, hydrocarbons, solvents, cryogenics, and glass-lined equipment

*When sealing uneven flanges, gasket must be four times thicker than maximum gap between flanges.

Min. Temperature:-450°F (-268°C)
Continuous Max:+500°F (+260°C)
Max Pressure:1200 psig (83 bar)
Maximum PxT 1/16:350,000 (°F x PSIG)
Maximum PxT 1/8:250,000 (°F x PSIG)
ASTM F104F457999A9B6E99M6(3,4)


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