Style 9900

High Temp Gasketing
Graphite Fibers with a Nitrile Binder


Heat and oxidation resistance

  • Graphite fiber gasketing withstands extreme temperatures and pressures, as well as many chemicals
  • Passed Garlock Fire tests, and is ABS Fire Safe Type Approved

Long-lasting seal

  • Unique manufacturing process minimizes cold flow and creep relaxation problems


  • Ideal for standard ANSI flanged connectors, as well as turbine crossover piping connectors
  • Multiple applications in power generation, chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, and other industries


  • Steam*, oils, grease, water, heat transfer fluids+

+Contact Hanna Rubber Company with specific transfer fluid application.

*Minimum recommended assembly stress = 4,800psi.  Preferred assembly stress = 6,000-10,000psi.  Gasket thickness of 1/16″ strongly preferred.  Retorque the bolts/studs prior to pressurizing the assembly.  For saturated steam above 150psig,

Min. Temperature
  • Remove
  • -100°F (-73°C)
Continuous Max
  • Remove
  • +650°F (+343°C)
Max Temperature
  • Remove
  • +1000°F (+537°C)
Max Pressure
  • Remove
  • 2000 psig (138 bar)
Maximum PxT 1/16:
  • Remove
  • 700,000 (°F x PSIG)
Maximum PxT 1/8
  • Remove
  • 350,000 (°F x PSIG)
  • Remove
  • F712102A9B3E22K9L401M5(4)
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-100°F (-73°C) +650°F (+343°C) +1000°F (+537°C) 2000 psig (138 bar) 700,000 (°F x PSIG) 350,000 (°F x PSIG) F712102A9B3E22K9L401M5(4)
Garlock High Temperature Style 9900 Gasket Material
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