Series 800 Conductive Particle-filled Elastomers


This conductive silicone and fluorosilicone material is manufactured to both Mil Spec and commercial standards with M83528 being the most typical EMI specification. It accommodates a wide spectrum of shielding solutions for the optimal needs of the aerospace and telecommunication markets.


Certain end-use applications may require high shielding effectiveness, environmental sealing, reliability and durability. These silicone elastomers fulfill those needs. The part number system segregates the various types of conductive elastomers available. Products beginning with 8xx- depict the use of small particles to establish a conductive path within the elastomer—yielding a highly versatile group of gasket materials for use in EMI/RFI suppression. Each compound has its own unique properties, therefore it is essential that a distinction be made. The second digit in the 800 series specifies the type of elastomer to be used and the grade of the final product.

If a 1 appears, the next three digits are assigned from our numerical listing of custom parts. If the part has been determined to be standard the next digit will determine the product family:

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Series 800 Conductive Particle-filled Elastomers

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