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Forged Steel Globe Valves

Valves are used to direct to the flow of air, water, chemicals, and other substances. Hanna Rubber has divided our valves into 6 categories: ball valves, butterfly or duck valves, gate valves, checks valves, globe valves and actuated valves.These valves are configured in various ways such as , 2 way, 3 way, elliptical, etc.. Our valves can be operated manually by using a hand wheel, lever, pedal and other various methods. Hanna’s valves can also be operated automatically driven by changes in pressure, temperature, flow and electricity, which uses a more complex way to control the valves by use of an actuator as in solenoid valves. Valves are available in may materials and pressure ratings depending on your application – various plastics, brass, stainless steel and steel – from 200PSI to 10,000PSI services.

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