Solid Rubber Ribbed Vibration Pads

The A4694 Vibration Pad is specifically designed to isolate vibration. Our solid rubber vibration pad is a two-sided Ribbed Neoprene Pad, 28.75″ x 28.75″ x 3/8″ thick. It has a 3/16″ wide ribs that run at an angle of 90°perpendicular to each other to ensure good grip and anti-vibration properties.

These solid rubber ribbed vibration pads are available for purchase online.

Physical Characteristics
Hardness (Shore A)50
Maximum Temperature (°F)180
Minimum Temperature (°F)-30
Tensile Strength (PSI)1200
Elongation at Break (%)300
Density (lb./in.³).04
Max Load50 PSI
Load capacity may be increased by using multiple layers

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Solid Rubber Ribbed Vibration Pads

Solid Rubber Ribbed Vibration Pad

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  • 28.75" x 28.75" x 3/8" thick
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  • 8.6 lbs.
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28.75" x 28.75" x 3/8" thick 8.6 lbs.
Solid rubber vibration pads
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