Flat Radial Outside Bulb 90 Degree Corner

Flat Radial Outside Bulb 90 degree corner diagramsDrawing Item Identification:

A: Bulb in inches
B: OA width in inches
C: Tail thickness in inches
D: Optional customer specified hole if needed
E. Side length in inches
F. Corner radius in inches
R: Radius in inches

1-1/2"7"1/2"-16"7" 5/16"
1-3/4"7"9/16"-16"7" 5/16"
2"7"1"-16"7" 1/4"
2-1/4"7"3/4"-16"7-3/8" 1/4"
2-1/2"6"7/8"-16"7-1/2" 3/8"
2-3/4"6"1"-22"10-7/16" 3/8"

Material Specifications

Physical TestsSpecificationsNatural 1103Natural 1177Natural 1187Neoprene 1501
Tensile StengthDie C ASTM D4123000 psi (min)2500 psi (min)2500 psi (min)2500 psi (min)
Elongation at RuptureASTM D412450% (min)450% (min)400% (min)400% (min)
300% ModulusASTM D412900 psi (min)900 psi (min)-900 psi (min)
Durometer Hardness, Shore Type AASTM D224060 - 7045 ± 550 - 6060 - 70
Water Absorption70 Hrs. @ 212°F ASTM D47110% change in volume (max)10% by weight (max)10% by volume (max)10% by weight (max)
Compression SetASTM D395 Method B 22 Hrs/ @ 158°F30% (max)30% (max)25% (max)30% (max)
Tensile Strength After Oxygen Bomb AgingASTM F57280% (min) of tensile strength80% (min) of tensile strength-80% (min) of tensile strength
Low Temperature BrittlenessASTM D2137 Method A, 9.3.2Non-Brittle after 3' @ -40°CNon-Brittle after 3' @ -40°CNon-Brittle after 3' @ -40°CNon-Brittle after 3' @ -25°C

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