Ear Clamps for Hoses

Ear Clamps

Pinch on double ear clamps

Pinch on single ear clamps

Stepless Ear Clamps

We offer our ear clamps in both zinc plated steel and stainless steel bands. Ear clamps are placed over the end of the connecting hose and once the ears of the band have been pinched the band will tighten around the hose creating a secure fit. When selecting an ear clamp size make sure to get it only slightly larger than the size of the hose to ensure you will have a secure fit.

Our stepless ear clamps hold against pressure and vibration or material shrinkage due to temperature change or aging. A built in spring allows the clamp to “breath” without loosening. Just like the pinch-on ear clamps the stepless ear clamp must be pinched to ensure a proper seal.